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Are Ice Machines Dirty?

Here at Ice Machines Direct, we’re experts in making sure that your Ice Machines stay clean. The average Ice Machine needs to be serviced every 6 months, but we can give you some tips to keep things ticking along smoothly in the meantime. Make it so you can answer with a strong no when somebody asks ‘Are your Ice Machines Dirty?’  We know we can help!

6 Quick Tips and Suggestions

    • Make sure you’re using filtered water for your Ice Machine. A filter can easily reduce the incidence of Legionella and other Bacteria, improving the health outcomes of your Ice. Ice Machines have built in filters, but an inexpensive filter on the water intake can double-up your safety.
    • Keep your Ice Machine well-maintained. A servicing every six months can do wonders to maintain quality. Contact Ice Machines Direct today for our help if  you’re located in Australia.
    • Make sure to conduct regular checks of your Ice. Is it forming into even cubes, and is it retaining its colour. Cloudy Cubes, Coloured Cubes and other irregularities are all possible signs of malfunction.
    • Make sure you use your Ice Machine frequently. Keeping water running through the intake will stop the build-up of mould, and ensure that hygienic temperature conditions are maintained.
    • Ensure your Ice Machine is installed by a licensed professional. We’ve seen countless examples where a client has tried to cut corners on installation, or gone to a second opinion for something deemed implausible, and has resulted in a malfunctioning Ice Machine.
    • Make sure you’ve got expert advice at hand. Call through to Ice Machines Direct for the advice you need on how to maintain your Ice Machine any time.

Common Questions

Some people may ask ‘Are Ice Machines Dirty?’, but it’s more down to the service ethic of the owner than the machine itself. A standard Ice Machine has minimal vectors for bacterial growth when maintained well, due to the combination of sub-zero temperatures inhibiting growth, and the machine’s inherent simplicity. Modern Ice Machines will purify water as they operate in order to maintain the optimal freezing point of 0 degrees Celsius.


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