Ice Flaker Machines: 70 - 120kg

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Ice Flaker Machines

Ice Machine Direct’s wholesale price range of ice flakers and ice crusher machines are sourced from manufacturers who produce quality ice machines. Unlike other distributors, we rate our company’s success not from the number of sales, but based around the satisfaction our products bring to our customers. With this in mind, if your ice flaker machine or ice dispenser machine do not function to their specifications, then we ensure all purchases of new Ice Crusher Machines are backed by a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer! Browse through our extensive range to find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Why consider an ice flaker machine?

Ever had your produce damaged at the hands of oddly shaped ice or ‘freeze-burn’? Searching for the means to keep your produce fresh whilst on display or throughout transportation? Flake Ice is the perfect way to safely and securely pack sensitive and fragile products. Our ice flaker machines create the most natural shape, produced at just below zero degrees, which have been compressed to become the optimal, long lasting storage utility. It has been successfully used by seafood wholesalers to pack fish, laboratories and hospitals for organ transplants, fruit and vegetable growers for their stock, food service areas, and much more. The perfect solution when you need to preserve a product, without exposing it to possible bruising or damage. And thanks to its unique texture, it can be filled to fit almost any space in which capacity is an issue.

Here at Ice Machine Direct, we only offer the best. Our ice flaker machines are chosen by leading companies across a multitude of industries, not only for their efficient preservation of produce, but also because of their reliability!

Learn more about how an ice flaker machine can benefit your business

Our team at Ice Machine Direct would love to apply our 25 years of experience in this industry towards finding you the best product for your needs. We have remained popular in this industry through selling quality items along with unbeatable customer services, and we plan to continue doing so. If you would like more information regarding our range, or you would like to make an enquiry, please feel free to contact a member of our helpful staff today. Give us a call on 1300 700 585 or send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.