Silverchef Financing

Silverchef is our financing partner here at Ice Machines Direct, and we believe they’re the best fit for our customers. Silverchef financing offers a great range of approaches and options.

To help you calculate the best deal, we’ve included a rental calculator that’ll show you your cost per week at any price point.




Silverchef is one of Australia’s largest hospitality finance providers. They’ve got a glut of experience, and can offer great rates on the rest of your commercial kitchen. You can easily bundle your full finance package together with Silverchef, and easily keep your obligations together. Bundling together your financing obligation makes it easy. Don’t be controlled by your repayments, make sure that it’s all organised and clear. A deal with Silverchef also puts you in the running for perks like a Caltex Star Card, and entering the draw for a $1500 monthly payment towards your business if you finance before June 30th. Don’t delay getting in touch, and possibly miss out on a great set of perks.


What can Silverchef do for your business?

Silverchef can offer a range of assistance and experience outside of simple finance. They’re an operator with decades of experience with the Australian hospitality industry, and they know how to help out with your business. They can help both finance and get you in touch with new & used equipment sellers. You can also easily integrate your purchase with Ice Machines Direct into a larger order, and bundle together the full range of necessities for your hospitality business.


Got an Existing Silverchef Account?

It’s easy to include an Ice Machine onto your existing Silverchef financing deal, along with taking advantage of their vaunted 12-month rental agreement. You can choose to upgrade, return, purchase or continue to rent at the end of 12-months, all with attractive discount rates. Silverchef gives you the flexibility to choose how you want to proceed, along with the flexibility to customise the offering to your needs. If the product’s too big, or too small, or just not quite perfect for your needs, Silverchef can make the adjustments to your plan that’ll fix any issues.


Silverchef gives you options!

The Silverchef offering allows you to choose from one of four options at the end of your 12-month financing period. You can choose to buy (Applying a discount), continue to rent, return the product or rent-to-buy. This flexibility’s leading in the field, and great for making sure that your business can take advantage of a great Ice Machine!

Ice Machines Direct has been working with Silverchef for years, and we can vouch for the quality service they provide. Get in touch with us, and we’ll set you up with a financing deal that’ll be stress and worry-free. Don’t shy away from Silverchef Financing at Ice Machines Direct.

Crescent Ice V Cube Ice

a cocktail on the beach

Cube Ice VS Crescent Ice? What’s the difference?

Cube Ice

Cube Ice, putting it simply, is the ice we all know and love. Uniformed cubes are best for beverages of all types, making your drinks icy cold for longer without diluting your drinks.  Our 30mm cube will keep construction workers on site cooler for longer and is great for sporting clubs and it’s also perfect for bagging and reselling.

Crescent Ice

Crescent Ice is widely used in the fast food industry.  It’s the perfect shape for cylinder cups to maximise profits, but that’s where it ends.  It’s not ideal if you wish to give your customers the perfect cocktail or mixed drink.  Crescent ice is thin and will melt too quickly watering down drinks and not keeping drinks super chilled. Don’t saddle your customers with watery, diluted drinks just to shave a few more cents. The damage to your reputation in this competitive industry could be striking.


We can get you set-up with the latest and greatest in Ice Cubers here at Ice Machine Direct, and make sure you’re keeping up with the competition. Your Ice is Your Business. Let it speak a volume about your dedication to providing quality and the best taste. Crescent Ice can also be difficult to ensure the quality of due to the thin nature of the ice, meaning melting too quickly and uneven freezing are both strong possibilities. It’s also easier to leverage Cube Ice for other purposes, such as resale, since it retains shape and temperature for longer. You can boost your small business easily via onselling bags of ice, something that Crescent Ice Machines won’t help with.

Crescent Ice might be common in self-serve drink machines, but it’s unacceptable as an ice solution for cocktails or other products where taste and ice quality are of premium importance. Cube Ice retains shape better, melts far more evenly, and allows the beverage to retain purity and taste profile. Don’t compromise the quality of your food and drinks by picking up a lesser form of ice, go with a proven winner.

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Are Ice Machines Profitable?

Ice Bags - 5KG

The #1 Concern for any business owner looking to buy a premium Ice Machine

It’s a good question!

You might be asking ‘How can I ensure I get the most out of my new Ice machine?’

There’s a few ways of doing it, and we’re here to help!

Branding advantages

How can an Ice Machine help your bottom line? There’s the obvious factor of saving money on your Ice purchasing, or the stress of dealing with a smaller, non-commercial model of Ice Maker. But that’s not all. It’s amazing how well you can support your business via reselling high-quality Ice, providing an additional revenue stream and a way to improve your business’ visibility and foot traffic. You can easily get a set of  custom-printed Ice Bags that’ll make sure your product stands out, and which let you really distribute that Ice. You can build a reputation for your business as a provider of little conveniences like that, along with tying in to your existing food or hygiene offerings. We all know how much Australians love their food, add another element to your branding appeal today. We can show you how to properly answer “Are Ice Machines Profitable for my business” with a resounding yes.

Flexibility Benefits

An Ice Machine also endows your business with the benefit of flexibility. You’re the master of your own destiny when it comes to the availability of Ice, and how you can use it to reflect your quality standards. Imagine a world where we all bought Ice by the bag! There’d be no ability to give your cocktails, drinks and produce that extra quality touch. If we all had to stick to the standard cube ice, it’d be hard for anybody to stand out without access to the wider range of possibilities.

Our Ice Machines stand up on their own. If you’re looking to use a lot of ice, realise that it’s more affordable per-KG to own & operate your own Ice Machine, and make sure you always have access. Don’t make yourself a victim of the unexpected, have your own supply of  Ice in-house. You can also ensure that your own Ice Machine is kept up to the highest hygiene standards, stopping you from being liable for somebody else’s mishaps. Quality control of every aspect of your business is important for any diligent business owner, don’t put yourself at the mercy of a squeaky wheel.

Get in touch with the team here at Ice Machines Direct today to arrange a chat about how we can best set you up with a foolproof, profitable Ice Machine Solution!