5kg Ice Bags (QTY 200)

$99.00 Excl. GST

silverchef5kg Ice Bags: 200 bags (minimum order)

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5kg Ice Bags: 200 bags (minimum order)

Need Ice Bags to make the most of your Ice Machine? We can supply durable, affordable ice bags that’ll take the toll of transporting your ice as you need it. The perfect thing if you’re looking to make extra money selling ice, or if you just want to deploy it across your business. Get in touch with us and we can also look into getting an order of custom-printed, especially designed bags for you. Don’t let this branding opportunity go to waste, an Ice Bag with your brand on it’ll help keep your image going strong without breaking the bank.

Our standard sizing comes with a 5KG capacity and a 200 bag minimum order-size, but we’re open to negotiation. Quantity breaks may also apply, get in touch with us today so we can get a feel for the Ice Bag solution that your business needs! We can supply bulk Ice Bags if you need them, consider the advantages of being able to sell your own ice. A nifty little earner for your business. Don’t get caught out in the cold.

Drop us an email today if you’d like to discuss a custom design for your Bags. We can do branding, artwork and the like to make sure that your bags really stand out!


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