Commercial Ice Machines for Cafes & Restaurants

Don’t get heated about keeping your cafe cool. Ice Machines Direct has 20+ years of experience working with cafes, restaurants, commercial caterers and more. We know how to make sure you get the ice you need, at the price you want. Ice Machines Direct has a wide range of Ice Machines, able to cater to our clients’ every need.

We’re renowned for our service, and we’ve got the support range to match it. Our trained technicians are complimented by the ability to give us a call and sort any issues out. We happily deliver to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and the rest of Australia.

Contact us today for advice from our experienced staff on the right Ice Machine for your location. We know all there is to know about the most suitable, high-quality Ice Makers for Cafes, Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens. You can trust that you’ve got a top quality Ice Machine when you’ve gotten it through Ice Machines Direct.

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  • IM25 - Cuber Ice Machine

    Commercial Ice Machine Cuber: IM25
    Production 20kgs
    Storage 5kgs

    $1,480.00 $1,250.00 Excl. GST Finance/Lease $17.45 per week
  • IM35 Ice Machine Cuber

    Commercial Ice Machine Cuber IM35
    Production 35kgs
    Storage 17kgs

    $1,780.00 $1,480.00 Excl. GST Finance/Lease $20.66 per week
  • IM45 Ice Machine Cuber

    Ice Machine Cuber IM45
    Production 45kgs
    Storage 20kgs

    $1,850.00 $1,580.00 Excl. GST Finance/Lease $22.06 per week