Ice Flaker FM605
Production 600kgs

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Ice Flaker FM605

Production Per 24hrs600kgs
StorageHead Unit Only (Select a Bin)
Dimensions WxDxH535 x 660 x 830
Power Supply15amp

* Height including legs (mm)



The FM605 is our largest model of stand-alone Flake Ice Machine head units. This great product comes bundled with a storage bin of your choice for the 600KG daily production of Flake ice. Our Ice Flakers provide consistent refrigeration, size and performance in the field. Get yourself a Flaker that’ll work for you, go with our FM605 Flakertoday. The product is designed for easy, problem-free maintenance and cleaning, which is complimented with Ice Machine Direct’s helpful team of support staff that can help with both installation and maintenance. All our Ice Machines come with standard 2 year Manufacturer warranty.

A stand-alone Flaker Ice Machine Head like this is perfect for businesses that need a lot of flake ice, and a lot of storage. Large Bars, Restaurants, Fishmongers, Surgeries and Hotels can all benefit from access to this type of product, along with individuals interested in creating a commercial Ice Selling operation of their own. An Ice Flaker’ll save you money on buying from suppliers in the long-run. Take advantage of our Flake Ice product, it’s perfect for packing sensitive, delicate items from Vegetables to Seafood. Don’t skimp on an Ice Machine, take advantage of our great prices on great ice makers!

The modular nature of this product ensures that you can get a bin that’ll fit your needs, with a choice between a range of models and sizes. Do you want a compact bin to act as a hub for other ice storages? Do you need a mobile set of bins to keep your ice moving? All that and more are possibilities we can enable! You need ice, consider one of Ice Machines Direct’s Ice Machine Flaker solutions.

Additional information

Optional Storage Bins (If Required)

None, Storage Bin 150 +$1,320, Storage Bin 190 +$1,480, Storage Bin 300 +$1,880


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