TCS180 Ice & Water Dispenser
Production 135KG
Storage 9KG

$3,850.00 Excl. GST Finance/Lease $64.92 per week

Prices Include Delivery

  • Premium Cublet Ice
  • Smooth ice dispense
  • No ice bridging
  • Robust and reliable
  • Sanitary self-service application
  • Easy operation – Push button; dispense ice directly in to
    container greatly reducing risk of contamination
  • Dispenses ice only, water only or ice and water
  • Adjustable portion controlled dispensing
  • Due to auger system water consumption is equal to ice

Simply The World’s Best Ice!



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TCS 180 Ice & Water Dispenser

The TCS180 Ice & Water Dispenser is a perfect solution when you need a convenient, high-volume ice & water dispenser. The design allows it to be operated easily by both the public, and your workers, along with being a cinch to keep clean. This model is ideal for convenient locations, as it’s designed to be compact and easy to deal with. This Dispenser can be placed in areas of high foot-traffic, and are perfect to be used by the general public and staff.

  • Automatic ice dispensing systems and self-service operations are a new trend in Food Service.
  • Customers can cool their own drinks as per their personal taste, making it easy for them whilst avoiding potential sanitary hazards. Clear and pure ice bits drop directly into the consumer’s glass, with no touch required.
  • Scotsman Ice dispenser TCS180 is the Industry Benchmark for Ice/Water Dispensers.
  • Produces up to 150kg of ice in 24 Hours
  • Storage Bin 5kg Capacity
  • Easy clean design, to make sure that your dispenser stays safe and hygienic
  • Hands-Free or (Push-Button option TCL180ASM)
  • Hands- Free Ice only Dispenser (TCS180 EVO)
  • Gravity Drainage
  • Recommended Water Filter HF20-S
  • Price includes 2 years Parts only warranty
  • Multiple Versions available
    • TC S-L 180 AS: Touch-free dispensing model
    • TC S-L 180 ASM: Manual, push-button dispenser.
    • TC S 180 AS-EVO: Touch-free dispenser, ice-only
    • TC S 180 NW: Manual, push-button Ice-Only Dispenser.

The TCS 180 Ice & Water Dispenser is just one of our great range of Ice Machine products. Take a look through our great range to see what we can do for you!


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