Ice Machine Cuber ICE150
Production 160kgs

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Ice Machine Cuber ICE150

Production Per 24hrs160kgs
StorageHead Unit Only (Select a Bin)
Dimensions WxDxH560 x 610 x 609
Power Supply10amp

* This is a head unit only please select an ice storage bin from our range if required.

About this Product

Don’t be fooled by its size,  this compact ice machine can produce up to a whopping 160kgs per 24hrs.   Couple the ICe150 with a wide selection of storage bins starting from 130kgs up to 400kgs.  This ice machine cuber is our suggested entry-level model to stand-alone ice machine head and storage bin.   Perfect for establishments with little room to place their ice machine that require a lot of ice.

Inclusive of a two-year manufacturer warranty this product boasts a durable and straightforward designed for problem-free maintenance. This little beauty will work under harsh Australian conditions engineered and produced in Milan Italy by the Ali Group, a highly regarded organisation that manufactures high quality food service equipment world wide.  We are pleased to be able to offer our clients this product direct to the public saving you hundred of dollars.

Perfect for businesses such as bars, restaurants and hotels that require large quantities of cubed ice production as well as storage. This cuber machine is  more economical alternative to purchasing bags of ice saving you money, plastic and time.

In addition the modular nature of this product ensures that you can get a bin that will fit your needs, with a choice between a range of models and sizes.

Don’t guess, call us on 1300 700 585 and we can help size the right combo to suit your requirements.


Additional information

Optional Storage Bins (If Required)

None, Storage Bin 100 +$1,220, Storage Bin 150 +$1,320, Storage Bin 190 +$1,480, Storage Bin 300 +$1,880

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